The Third International Theater Festival has ended in Ashgabat with a dramatic spectacle at the Magtymguly National Music and Drama Theater.

For a week, residents and visitors to the Turkmen capital had a chance to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of colorful festivities, artistic discoveries and unforgettable experiences. The festival’s program featured performances by 14 theater companies with leading theater troupes representing our country. All the performances taking place in Ashgabat’s best theater venues drew full houses.

Master classes and artistic events were organized as part of the festival. The Museum of Fine Arts ran an exhibition exploring the theatre scene and scenography in our country.

On the festival’s final day, fellow artists held a working meeting to discuss modern trends in theater arts and prospects for further cooperation.

As noted, theater does not remain aloof and keeps pace with innovations today. To attract audiences, contemporary theaters are looking for new forms of dramatic art, taking advantage of state-of-the-art technologies and conducting bold experiments. The past and the present, traditions and innovations coexist on stage in perfect harmony.

This was proved by the festival participants, whose stage works stood out with their sincerity and original interpretation of characters. Audiences were treated to some of the national and world’s classical treasures, modern drama, musicals, puppet plays, pantomimes, and one-man shows.

A new version of the Main Drama Theater’s renowned production of ‘Domrul’, based on the epic ‘Gorkut Ata’ was a dramatic finale to the festival with the value of a human life put at the core.

In the evening, the Magtymguly National Music and Drama Theater hosted the Third International Theater Festival’s closing ceremony.

During the event, representatives of the theater companies participating in the festival received certificates, awards and commemorative gifts.



/ The State News Agency of Turkmenistan /